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What Is Boris Johnson’s Legacy For London?

What has the Mayor ever done for us? Cycle lanes, affordable housing and putting London on the map.

Should Uber Be Allowed To Compete With Black Cabs?

War between cabbies and private hire company continues unabated.

New Bus For London Finally Gets Opening Windows

An end is in sight for London’s mobile saunas.

Fewer Than 30% Of New Year’s Eve Fireworks Tickets Sold To Londoners

London Assembly Labour calls for at least 50% of tickets to be sold to Londoners for this year’s event.

Boris Goes To Borough Market

This is about the time I got to follow Boris Johnson around Borough Market and not get any questions answered.

Give London’s Army Of Unpaid Writers Boris’s ‘Chicken Feed’

A salary of quarter million pounds, 10 times the average national pay packet, is ‘chicken feed’ to the mayor. That’s quite a coup.