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What I Read In 2014

The annual Kindle total is back up again from 59 to 72. I blame the holidays. Here’s what I read during the year.

What I Read In 2013

This year’s Kindle total is 59. That’s lower than last year’s 72 AND the previous year’s 60. Go me!

Review: The Killer Next Door By Alex Marwood

The residents at 23 Beulah Grove, a grimy south London bedsit, have a lot of secrets to hide. So does the killer among them.

What I Read In 2012

I thought my previous tally of 60 books was on the high side but this year I’ve surpassed myself and set a new benchmark of 72.

Review: The Slender Man By Simon John Cox

When Adam Bradford’s sister Hannah goes missing he drops everything to assist the police, travelling up to the isolated village where she lived. When he arrives at her cottage, he discovers a life in disarray and a bedroom filled with cryptic notes and mysterious blurred photographs. And a myth. Or is it?

Review: The Wicked Girls By Alex Marwood

Kirsty and Amber meet again after 25 years during the investigation of a series of murders at second-rate seaside town. They both have a terrible secret.

Review: Madam by Becky Adams

You know when the red top tabloids describe something sex-related as a ‘romp’? Well, a memoir by former brothel owner Becky Adams fits that description like a masseuse in a rubber catsuit.

What I Read In 2011

Oh giddy Christ, did I really buy 60 books on my Kindle in 2011?