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How To Be A Really Annoying Shopping Centre With A Cinema In It

Hell is other people, shopping centres and cinemas.

The Great A12 Punch-Up Mystery

A slightly unusual punch-up by the side of the road.

The Hammer House Of DIY Horror

Our house turned out to be a bit of a DIY disaster zone. Here’s all the things we found wrong with it.

Top 10 Annoying Corporate Jargon Phrases

Let’s reach out and circle up on that blue-sky thinking.

Twitter Mobbery And Free Speech

People are so busy looking for something to be offended or outraged about that they can’t seem to see the logical conclusion of these kind of ludicrous abuses of free speech.

Taxes And Death

‘The deadline for self-assessments for this year has passed’

The Beginner’s Guide To Financial Markets

I wrote a series of beginner’s guides to the financial markets.

Mix Tape

When I was in my teens, I liked music. I liked it a lot. I created dozens of mix tapes and knew exactly what songs would fit on one side of a TDK 90 tape without leaving an annoying two minute gap.

How To Be A Really Annoying Pedestrian

Walking. Who’d have thought it could be such a tricky business, fraught with potential danger and endless opportunities to annoy your fellow humans?

Also Known As

Everyone loves a mystery. And for some, an anonymous blogger is a stone waiting to be turned.