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Six London Assembly Members With Cats

Or dogs. Or large birds.

The Essex Way: High Ongar To Good Easter

Glorious mud.

The Essex Way: Coopersale To High Ongar

So. Much. Walking.

The Essex Way: Epping To Coopersale

On how I discovered geocaching and walking the first leg of the Essex Way.

Wormholes 101

You’ve all watched a science fiction film in which the actors talk about wormholes, right? Of course you have.

Police Hunt For Man Who Abandoned Car At Bank Junction

It must have been one of those ‘Falling Down’ moments.

Permanently Temporary

Like a lot of people, I was once a temp. My career was measured in one week, two weeks and sometimes months, all dutifully recorded on my timesheet which had to be faxed to the agency every week so I could get paid.