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Are Sir Tim Hunt’s Comments Really A ‘Disaster’ For Women?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. But you don’t have to mean it.

I Visited Eltham Palace And Someone Took My Chair

I finally got around to visiting the fabulous Eltham Palace. Also: people.

Disasters And News Reporting – How Graphic Should We Get?

Censorship and sensitivity. What kind of pictures would you be happy to see in the news over breakfast?

Exercising In Public And Being Harrassed

Give us a smile, love. Why can’t women exercise outdoors without being harassed?

Some Stuff On Stranger Shaming

Travellers ‘stranger-shamed’ for breaking unwritten public transport rules.

How I Fell Out Of Love With TOWIE

Why the TV reality show went from being a guilty pleasure for me to a waste of an hour.

Switching Off Street Lights And Impending Doom

It was as though armageddon had arrived, to be closely followed by anarchy, chaos and probably a zombie apocalypse.