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What Is Boris Johnson’s Legacy For London?

What has the Mayor ever done for us? Cycle lanes, affordable housing and putting London on the map.

Why Are Property Prices Increasing In Some Essex Commuter Towns?

The only way is Essex.

British Transport Police Axes Sex Offence Unit, Keeps Stolen Property Team

What the actual fuck?

For Sale: Britain’s Most Expensive Council Houses

While I’m not generally in favour of selling off council houses in central London, there are some cases where it’s the more sensible option.

Calais Migrant Hysteria Continues

Coming over here, taking our taxis.

In London, “Regeneration” All Too Often Means “Social Cleansing”

Social housing tenants now unexpectedly familiar with Russell Brand.

Liverpool Street To Chingford: One Month Down The Line

Orange is the new black.

Are Sir Tim Hunt’s Comments Really A ‘Disaster’ For Women?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. But you don’t have to mean it.

I Visited Eltham Palace And Someone Took My Chair

I finally got around to visiting the fabulous Eltham Palace. Also: people.

Disasters And News Reporting – How Graphic Should We Get?

Censorship and sensitivity. What kind of pictures would you be happy to see in the news over breakfast?