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I Found Out Where London’s Most Profitable Speed Camera Is

It’s not where I thought it would be.

The Great A12 Punch-Up Mystery

A slightly unusual punch-up by the side of the road.

Concours Of Elegance: Of Auto Lust And Lobster

I went to Concours of Elegance at St James’s and Marlborough House and wrote about it for On The Cars blog.

Driven To Distraction

Aggressive driving video for Essex Police’s Operation Safeway campaign reminds me of the Police Camera Action videos. Remember those?

Fast Cars, Faster Women

Here’s a thing on women and motoring which I originally wrote for The Flick (now sadly defunct). The Flick was a lady blog for women who don’t do lady blogs and had some great stuff on it.

Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

Want to see a Fiesta disguised as a DeLorean?

Why Driving Used To Be All Fields

There’s no expectation that drivers need to be good drivers and show courtesy and consideration towards other roads users.

Retro F1

I found these F1 photos from the early 90s at Silverstone. Check out how different the cars look.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

One of the best petrolhead events in the calendar.

My First Car: MK2 Ford Escort 1.3

Owning my first car at 18 led to an enlightening frustrating year. Here’s what I wrote about the experience for Pistonheads.