Do We Know If Brexit Will Affect London’s Rental Market?

Photo by psyxjaw

Photo by psyxjaw

So it’s all been about the Brexit this week. Since 52% of the country decided to collectively stick two fingers up at David Cameron, the Establishment and our European buddies, we’ve learned quite a lot.

Like how suddenly people think it’s acceptable to racially abuse strangers and how lots of people voted for the wrong reasons and are now horrified by the outcome. In the last seven days, both the Conservative and Labour have turned themselves inside out, Michael Gove has revealed plotting skills of Machiavellian proportions and god only knows what’s going to happen next.

Obviously, we all want to know how Brexit will affect the things we care about. And no-one knows. So with that in mind, I wrote an article for Londonist on ways Brexit might impact the rental market in London.

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