Six London Assembly Members With Cats

Cat ownership really does reach across political divides. Instead of some serious political commentary, here’s a list of six London Assembly members pictured with cats or some other animals.

1. Tom Copley (Labour), London-wide

2. Zac Goldsmith (OK, I’m including Mayoral candidates for variety)

3. Stephen O’Connell (Conservative), Croydon and Sutton

And then I started to struggle to find any pictures of London Assembly members with cats, so I branched out a bit.

4. Stephen Knight and Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrat), London-wide

5. Kit Malthouse (Conservative), West Central


6. Andrew Dismore (Labour Co-Operative), Barnet and Camden

What was surprising about this exercise was how few London Assembly members admit to owning a cat, or are even photographed with one. Or any other kind of animal for that matter.

I don’t know what kind of conclusion can be reached from that.

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