Calais Migrant Hysteria Continues

Photo by ze_carrot

Photo by ze_carrot

The daily shitstorm over the migrants at Calais continues, with reports of migrants being put up in hotels and given taxpayer-funded taxi rides to London.

The bastards. Coming over here, taking our taxis. It almost makes it sounds a bit like a holiday for them, doesn’t it? Why don’t we just buy them a bucket and spade and a 99 (with flake) and take them to Blackpool?

Except the taxpayer isn’t really funding a jolly for some poor bugger who clung to the bottom of a lorry for 17 hours. What’s actually happening is that the few who do manage to somehow make it into Britain – and by no means are they a ‘swarm’ – are often unaccompanied young people under 18.

Having seen a rise from 220 unaccompanied minors in March 2014 to 629 last Friday, Kent council are struggling to cope. The council could just let all those kids under 18 sleep rough, be snatched by those with less than honourable intentions or just disappear into the countryside. Instead, they are working to place the youngsters in homes, both in the county and elsewhere.

The Mail has revealed that some of them are being sent to three-star hotels, given three meals a day and an allowance of £35 per week. The humanity, eh?

Given that successive governments have been criticised in the past for losing track of asylum seekers entering the UK, you’d think that putting a roof over their heads and giving them a paltry £35 a week might be a good way of inducing them stay to in one place. Never mind that it reduces the chances of getting involved in crime (because even asylum seekers need to eat!) and helps keep them healthy, we’re feeding them, for God’s sake!

As usual, the nation’s village idiots continue to trumpet the argument that ‘they’ only want to come here so ‘they’ get a free house, benefits and the keys to Buckingham Palace. Madeleine Sumption, director of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University, told the Telegraph that asylum seekers make up a relatively small share of migrants, and the majority come to the UK for work, study, or family reasons.

And they don’t get benefits either. The HuffPo published a great migrant mythbusting piece which debunks the oft-repeated claims about asylum seekers. It cites Full Fact on this very subject:

Most non-EEA nationals who are subject to immigration control are not allowed access to “public funds” (such as jobseekers’ allowance or tax credits), although they can use public services like the NHS and education.

Most citizens of non-EEA countries who come to live in the UK have “no recourse to public funds” in the initial years after they arrive, when there are still time limits or other conditions on their authorization to remain in the UK. This means that they are not eligible for benefits such as jobseekers’ allowance, disability allowance, tax credits, or housing benefit.

Illegal immigrants, by their very definition, do not receive benefits.

Oh, and that claim that more than 2,000 migrants had attempted to storm the Eurotunnel last week? Misleading. Roy Greenslade in the Guardian corrects that one:

“This week’s bout of “migrant madness” was triggered by a misleading Eurotunnel claim that 2,000 migrants had attempted to enter Britain on Monday night, without making it clear they meant many repeated attempts by the same group of a few hundred migrants.”

What about that claim that Britain is the only European country taking all these migrants? Not true. Italy (a country with more than a few problems of its own) has taken more than 60,000 refugees between January and July this year. Last year, Germany took 175,000 asylum seekers. Greece, despite its tattered economy and the poverty of some of its own people, has had 68,000 migrants arrive this year. How many did Britain take?


That’s right, 24,000. Yet some people begrudge a lone 16 year old in a foreign country with no money, possessions or family a few hot meals and a bed. Generous nation, aren’t we?

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