Tower Hamlets Labour Calls For Investigation Into Isle Of Dogs Regeneration

Photo by Andy Worthington

Photo by Andy Worthington

Is there a council estate left in London which isn’t being regenerated but is being properly maintained? So many regenerations of previously council-owned property in London start out claiming to be for the benefit of tenants, but leave them without homes or paying inflated rents. I’ve written about the latest one in Tower Hamlets for Londonist.

In the latest of London’s troubled regeneration schemes, Tower Hamlets Labour Group has called for the immediate suspension of one of the borough’s preferred housing association partners, One Housing Group (OHG).

Cllr Dave Chesterton said OHG has failed to deliver on its promises over the management of four estates on the Isle of Dogs, and is “not fit” to continue. The group has called on mayor John Biggs to write to the regulator, Homes & Communities Agency, to demand investigation into the company. Read more.

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