Who’s Watching Your Council? Journalists Go On Strike

Photo from Bromley reporter @HattyCollier

Photo from Bromley reporter @HattyCollier

Ever wondered who’s scrutinising your council? Cutbacks in local news coverage mean that it could end up being no-one.

I wrote an article on why we should support our local newspapers for Londonist.

Two strikes were announced recently in London. The first, a 24 hour walkout by tube workers, sparked national headlines, but the second, a 12 day strike by south London journalists, seemed to go unnoticed.

Like their tube-driving counterparts, members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) are in dispute with management over pay, conditions and staffing. Both are engaged in negotiations at arbitration service ACAS and both sets of talks broke down, leading to strike action.

Journalists working on the south London publication, News Shopper, walked out in June over owner Newsquest’s plans to merge the Shopper’s operation with that of the South London Guardian. If the plans go ahead, staff face job losses and the closure of their office. Newsquest is one of the UK’s largest regional newspaper publishers with more than 200 newspapers, magazines and trade publications. Read more.

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