Police Hunt For Man Who Abandoned Car At Bank Junction

Photo by @adelearmstron11

Photo by @adelearmstron11

Look, if it wasn’t for the fact that this caused no end of inconvenience to all the people in the near vicinity, not to mention the cost of the police and bomb squad operation and probably not a small amount of fear, I would almost kind of admire it.

Who hasn’t been stuck in a traffic jam on the verge of some kind of Falling Down moment which makes you want to just get out and walk away? For the non-Londoners, Bank junction is unutterably awful to drive through. It’s a point outside the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England where six major roads in the City meet with enthusiastically-enforced box junctions and traffic lights.There are entrances to Bank tube station on nearly all of these roads, plus it’s a tourist destination.

So today, the owner of this green Toyota Avensis just stopped his car, got out and walked smartly to the nearest tube entrance, leaving panic and chaos in his wake. As it’s one of the most terrorist-sensitive areas on the City, the first assumption was that it could be a bomb and everything came to a standstill while this possibility was investigated. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

The question now remains as to why. Did he feel unfairly penalised by City police over some previous traffic infringement and abandon his car in protest? Did he just lose his shit over the ridiculous London traffic and decide to take the quickest way home? Did he just wake up and think, ‘I know what to do today…!’

Answers on a postcard.

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