Some Stuff On Stranger Shaming


Photo by chutney bannister from the Londonist Flickr pool

Over the last few months I’ve noticed an increase in people taking photos of fellow commuters and posting them to various Twitter and Facebook accounts. Usually, the people being photographed are transgressing the unwritten rules of public transport, like eating or having a large bag. Sometimes they’re simply asleep, or just wearing something odd while being otherwise totally innocuous.

Yet some people seem to feel it’s OK to take a photo of a total stranger without their consent and post it up for abuse and ridicule. Frankly, I think this sucks.

It made me so cross that I wrote about it for Londonist.

Travelling on public transport with the hell that is other people can be nerve-frayingly infuriating but taking unwanted pictures of your fellow commuters doesn’t elevate you above them. In short, don’t be a dick.

Now stop taking photos of people on your train for other people to laugh at. Be excellent to your fellow commuters.

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