International Women’s Day

Today it was International Women’s Day.

If you ignore all the ‘but what about the mens’ on Twitter, there was a lot of press about various women’s issues. One of them was the Home Office telling us that we ‘must do more to end violence against women and girls’.

For starters, how about sorting out the Met’s Sapphire unit so they don’t pressure women to drop rape allegations for the sake of their detection stats. Or not imprisoning women for reporting rape. Or not ignoring women who report domestic violence. Or accepting that domestic violence isn’t just about a slap upside the head. Or not subjecting women to a daily cavalcade of tedious and offensive sexual harrassment. Or not telling women that objecting to a daily dose of tits in the media makes them humourless, ugly and jealous. Or not believing that women who are raped are to blame. Or not helping women who tell the police that they are in danger. Or not dismissing vulnerable teenagers being abused as liars and slags. Or not prioritising car crime over rape. Or not telling female debators (or ‘girls’ as the Spec says) at Glasgow University that jeers about their looks and breast size are ‘all part of debate’. Or the police not committing the sexual assaults themselves to save the public the bother.

Just a thought.

Happy International Women’s Day.


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