Mean-Spirited Britain: Part One

wrongOn LBC yesterday they discussed a survey which claims that ‘a majority’ (well, 54%) of doctors back denial of non-emergency treatment for the obese and smokers. This is, pardon my language here, fucking outrageous.

Having been a smoker for a number of years off and on until last year when I gave up, I’m no stranger to the persistent nagging from NHS professionals about giving up. Because I wasn’t ready to at the time and because people telling me not to do things makes me want to do them even more, I ignored it and bought a packet of fags on the way home. But seriously? Doctors want to be able to refuse treatment to people who they feel (note the subjective implication there) aren’t living a lifestyle they deem acceptable? Just…astonishing.

Given the amount we all pay towards the NHS, which was invented to provide treatment to everyone regardless of their gender, bank balance, class, lifestyle, whatever, not to mention the fact that smokers pay more in tax anyway, I fail to understand how these 54% of doctors think they should be in a position to deny a taxpayer treatment, no matter how much they disapprove of them. God complex, much?

This is just another example of the petty, small-minded, mean-spirited place Britain has become. Every year when the MOBO Awards are publicised, the same babyish cretins whine about how racist it is and why can’t we have a Music Of White Origin Award. When the women-only Race For Life gets mentioned, whiny men whine about how sexist it is and they’re going to refuse to sponsor any female acquaintance who does it because it’s sooooo sexist and, like, unfair, and why can’t men have their own cancer race (they do).

I’ve seen men on forums state they’d quite happily punch a woman in the face if she was ‘out of control’ because y’know, women wanted equality so they can ‘ave it. Some men proudly announce that they’ll let a door slam in the face of the woman behind or push a woman out of the way to get the last seat on the tube because they wanted equality therefore they don’t get courtesy. Here’s a clue: I ask for courtesy not because I am a woman, but because I am a human being.

Dawn Foster blogged about an incident which happened to former Paralympic athlete Tanni Grey-Thompson, when she was forced to throw her wheelchair onto the platform and crawl off a train because there was no one to help her. A pretty appalling situation but what really put the mean-spirited icing on the petty cake was the commentards who spake their brains crying self-righteously about how they used to feel sorry for disabled people (which I am sure the disabled are thrilled about) but they don’t any more because they get benefits and stuff. Christ alive, what a bunch of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers.

This thing about doctors wanting to deny the obese and smokers treatment is exactly the sort of cat’s-arse-mouth-disapproval, mean-spirited behaviour that people in this country seem so fond of exhibiting. What next? Refusing cervical cancer victims treatment because they might have brought it upon themselves by having sex? Denial of physiotherapy for anyone with a sports injury, especially if it’s a sport the doctor doesn’t partake of? It’s one thing to help a patient lose weight or give up smoking if (and only if) it has a direct impact on the treatment they wish to receive, quite another to blackmail them by refusing treatment until they comply.

The one good thing I can say about the LBC discussion was that the majority of listeners calling in on the subject were vehemently opposed to having their lifestyle judged and found wanting by a doctor. And so they should be.

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